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2+ Ultimate City Vehicle has been designed for future megacity. This electric vehicle boasts compact size, spacious interior, super flexible and of course stylish body design. The unique innovative inwheel-motors system allows the wheels to turn 90-degrees in order 2+ to move sideaways. Pretty handy feature to parallel park your car isn’t it?

Niels Grubak Iversen and Marcus Hannibal, two Danish automotive designers who live in Denmark, explain that although 2+ Ultimate City Vehicle looks small, the inside interior is pretty spacious. It’s been designed to carry 2 people with luggage or 4 without, thus the name 2+.

Designer: Niels Grubak Iversen, Marcus Hannibal



A50 open catamaran is a design concept from Finland industrial designer, Janne Leppänen, as part of his graduation work. The main idea was to design a catamaran which is able to accommodate three to four people and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

This concept features 50-feet long open catamaran where the letter A in the name was inspired by this designer previous concept, Arkki. It utilizes Esthec composite deck as it fits perfect for this type of boat, the other materials and technology have been carefully implemented to meet environmentally conscious consumers’ demands. Unlike Arkki, this boat has been specifically designed for day cruising or longer trip, that’s why it features larger open space. The two cabins can be used to accommodate up to four passengers.

With A50 open catamaran, you have the ability to customize its properties such as deciding how the deck, sun bathing area or the cabins are constructed. In fact, you can even decide how the boat would look like, you’ll get the freedom to choose from many variations offered the composite deck company.

Designer: Janne Leppänen

About the same size as a Mini Cooper and twice as fast, the Megacity Aviation concept was designed to transport goods rapidly through cities with major gridlock. The majority of the biofiber reinforced bioplastic frame is hollow like the bones of a bird, making it incredibly lightweight. Powered by two hydraulically operated coaxial rotors, it’s highly maneuverable and can carry up to 200kg.

Designer: Alex Jantschke

Alex Marzo has envisioned our future long-haul transportation with Volvo Ants, an aero neumatic transport systems. Through extensive research in biomimicry, this industrial designer has come up with transportation system inspired by ants. It implements ants behavior as a cohesive system as you know their ability to communicate with each other, distribute food, and all responsibilities in their community is intriguing. The overall concept starting from its models, systems, processes and elements take inspiration from ants in order to solve our problems.

Volvo Ants implement idea to lease micro-containers to multiple companies, in this way they can ensure that they are always filled to capacity. Their container union is flexible, therefore allowing better articulation in navigation and avoid jack knife accidents

Designer: Alex Marzo

1969 Camaro Mild Custom

Corvette Stingray

Epsilon dream car

Koenigsegg CCX

Porsche 356B

Tronatic Atmos


Lockheed Martin is a respected name in the field of Aeronautics, electronics, information and space systems. The company has recently made yet another breakthrough airship and has named it HALE-D. The word HALE-D is an acronym and stands for high altitude long endurance demonstrator. The blimp is actually a big robot airship and is designed to operate at the altitude of 60,000 feet. The airship is powered by a series of photovoltaic cells.

The blimp works by floating up above the jet stream and then with the help of its motors it anchors itself at one place, offering a view of over 600 miles, and then helps in providing warnings about short and long range missiles, surveillance and target redemption, communications, environmental monitoring and everything else which a satellite is expected to do.

For the ultra-rich, available hobbies are as limitless as their bank accounts. Designer Timon Sager envisions the future elite class shedding their riding boots and leaving the exotic car garaged for something even more exhilarating: a purely recreational private jet. The AvA 02 Serafim has a fighter jet aesthetic with a more customized look. Shown here in red, it’s a natural choice for adrenaline junkies.

In the cockpit: two tandem seats, flight controls including a liquid crystal display embedded into the glass, throttle/joystick combination, rear seat display, and bucket seats.

SeaSTOL VLJ stands for Sea Short Take Off and Landing Very Light Jet. If you don’t get the idea of very light jet, you might understand if the term used were “personal jet”. Based on Paul Bertorelli from AvWeb the term of very light jet is not used in aviation industry anymore, the more popular term is personal jet. This future vehicle was born out of the intention to develop practical transportation design.

VLJs are small jet aircraft for about 5-8 people that are small enough to utilize small airports. In other words, in the future, it is very possible to take taxi flights from one point to another without compromise and saving a lot of your time. Eclipse is one of most well known VLJ companies, at some point they were looking at 5000 orders and increasing. There are about 20 new models coming between 2010 and 2014 that mainly focus on American market. However, not a single VLJ is a seaplane.


Designer: Tomas Brodreskift

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Eco Coffee Bottle

Looking beyond the branding support the ‘From Tumbler’ is taking, I think this sensitive mug has a strong message that we can imbibe. Basically the idea is to encourage you to reconsider the use of disposable cups for your daily fix. In turn this sensor enabled mug blooms up an LED Green world map with every 365 reuses of it! Let’s drink to that!

Designers: Jang Jin-hee & Lee Min-jeong