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Alex Marzo has envisioned our future long-haul transportation with Volvo Ants, an aero neumatic transport systems. Through extensive research in biomimicry, this industrial designer has come up with transportation system inspired by ants. It implements ants behavior as a cohesive system as you know their ability to communicate with each other, distribute food, and all responsibilities in their community is intriguing. The overall concept starting from its models, systems, processes and elements take inspiration from ants in order to solve our problems.

Volvo Ants implement idea to lease micro-containers to multiple companies, in this way they can ensure that they are always filled to capacity. Their container union is flexible, therefore allowing better articulation in navigation and avoid jack knife accidents

Designer: Alex Marzo
Source: TUVIE.com


Many of us may not know this, but there is a dedicated section of trucks produced commercially by Mercedes Benz (which itself is a division of the Daimler AG) since the era of post second world war. Branded under the name Unimog (acronym for German “UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät”), these robust trucks are well known for their off-road capabilities, and, hence, can be found in number of different terrains like jungles, mountains and even deserts where their uses range from being military transports, fire fighting to even Dakar Rallies. But now to celebrate the 60 years of this brand’s existence, Mercedes Benz has rather managed to contrive a new look Unimog with an adamantly ‘futuristic’ demeanor.

This new concept is the fruit of the collaboration of Mercedes Benz Special Trucks (MBS) and Daimler Commercial Vehicles. Certainly a far cry from all those previous installments of rugged fashion, this time the glossy framework is based on an Unimog U5000E chassis. The curvaceous lines of the gargantuan form and the green paint job are quite striking especially in sync with those conspicuously red suspension mechanisms. The starfish shaped rims are also pronounced, almost bordering on being severely ostentatious.

So all in all, the newest iteration of the Unimog is certainly different from its predecessors, at least as far as visual aesthetics is concerned. Now it’s only up to the customers to react to this exclusive dynamic look. As far as we are concerned, the designers could have accentuated a little bit of its brawny bearing, thus may be in the process preserving some of the true Unimog essence.