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Emotive EPOC Wireless Neuroheadset

Imagine a device that can tag photos by reading your mind! Awesome; isn’t it? This Emotive EPOC brain-reading headset created by Emotive Systems does exactly that. It reads our brain and tag photos based on the intensity of the emotions we create in response to viewing a photo. Emotive EPOC neuro headset runs on an application called EmoLens. At the core of Emotive EPOC is 14-electrode EPOC headset. Cool Iris Wall web component, which is created by Cool Iris, is used in EmoLens to display Flickr photos in stunning way.

How it works?
EmoLens works on the basis of our moods. For example, if we are scared by looking at a picture, it adds “scared” tag. The EmoLens can detect four emotions- Happy, Sad, Angry and Scared. If you are looking at an image, which makes you happy, the Emotive EPOC headset adds the “Happy” tags and then pauses the image in Flickr for a while so that you can enjoy the feeling to the maximum. In this way, it controls the slideshow in Flickr. EmoLens can also be used to search a photo based on the emotions you have tagged on it. To do this, you just remember the feeling and EmoLens selects a set of previously tagged photos matching that feeling.

Pricing and availability:
This device is a bit costlier. The EmoLens app alone costs $40 and the Emotive EPOC neuroheadset costs $300. The Emotive EPOC was launched in the market in November 2010. Whoever likes to watch Flickr images with a true “feeling” will find the Emotive EPOC useful.


Soldier Robot

The Land Walker exoskeleton is a product of Japanese company sakakibara-kikai. Used mainly for product promotion and display, the intimidating weaponry fires nothing but harmless soft plastic balls. And with a top speed of just 1mph it’s not going to replace the wheel just yet.

However, standing over 3 metres in height, and weighing in at 1000kg (2,205 lbs) the Land Walker’s shuffling gait is an impressive sight to behold. Although it would probably run into problems with anything but a completely smooth surface.

Designed for Dalton/Stanley, a fictional weapons and armaments company, the CRAB (Cybernetic Autonomous Remote Barricade) by designer by Jamie Martin is a futuristic robot to revolutionize policing in London. Moving on six independent legs to commute in different terrains with ease, the police robot comes equipped with latest arms and ammunition to curb any volatile insurgency and maintain law and order on the streets. In addition, the CRAB is capable of artificial intelligence that helps it differentiate between friend and foe, which could be a great help for the armed forces guarding insecure borders. Check out the video after the jump.

With big agricultural farms getting smaller due to fast growing population, we need some compact and efficient tools of farming to balance structured agriculture with nature to ensure a healthy ecosystem around us. Offering a solution, the “Agria” by Julia Kaisinger, Katharina Unger and Stefan Riegbauer is an autonomous farm robot for sowing and plant protection in small farms. Featuring infrared and UV light to control bugs, fungi and pests, the modular machine examines the soil and plants regularly to allow specific treatment. Placing seeds and fertilizer in the right place and proportion, the Agria works with an intelligent network of fields and machines, supplied by a local station, which can be controlled through a computer or smartphone, so you may store and share data with experts for better analysis.