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Lockheed Martin is a respected name in the field of Aeronautics, electronics, information and space systems. The company has recently made yet another breakthrough airship and has named it HALE-D. The word HALE-D is an acronym and stands for high altitude long endurance demonstrator. The blimp is actually a big robot airship and is designed to operate at the altitude of 60,000 feet. The airship is powered by a series of photovoltaic cells.

The blimp works by floating up above the jet stream and then with the help of its motors it anchors itself at one place, offering a view of over 600 miles, and then helps in providing warnings about short and long range missiles, surveillance and target redemption, communications, environmental monitoring and everything else which a satellite is expected to do.



An Airship can be best described as a ‘lighter-than-air-aircraft’ that stay aloft by filling a large cavity with lifting gas. There is not much information on this product, but from the looks of it, it seems like a non-rigid type of airship and touts a cool red & white design. It is named Alpha Crucis Airship and is designed by newcomer Simon Colabufalo from Melbourne, Australia. He specializes in industrial design concepts, but also has a few household utilities in production.