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Alex Marzo has envisioned our future long-haul transportation with Volvo Ants, an aero neumatic transport systems. Through extensive research in biomimicry, this industrial designer has come up with transportation system inspired by ants. It implements ants behavior as a cohesive system as you know their ability to communicate with each other, distribute food, and all responsibilities in their community is intriguing. The overall concept starting from its models, systems, processes and elements take inspiration from ants in order to solve our problems.

Volvo Ants implement idea to lease micro-containers to multiple companies, in this way they can ensure that they are always filled to capacity. Their container union is flexible, therefore allowing better articulation in navigation and avoid jack knife accidents

Designer: Alex Marzo
Source: TUVIE.com


An easy way to travel and connect oneself with the whole city is through trams. Small and convenient, a tram is like a bus on road. To make trips around the city easy, a new concept in trams called the Alstom Loop train-tram is here.

The Credo E-Bone concept bus is the brainchild of designer Peter Simon, who wants to make public transportation greener. The E-Bone is a zero-emission bus that generates power from a system of hydrogen fuel cells and lithium batteries. Powered by four in-wheel electric motors, the bus carries its power sources on its roof.

The shell of the bus has been made from lightweight composite plastic with a bone-like structure. The lightweight construction makes the concept energy-efficient, which betters its performance.