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For the ultra-rich, available hobbies are as limitless as their bank accounts. Designer Timon Sager envisions the future elite class shedding their riding boots and leaving the exotic car garaged for something even more exhilarating: a purely recreational private jet. The AvA 02 Serafim has a fighter jet aesthetic with a more customized look. Shown here in red, it’s a natural choice for adrenaline junkies.

In the cockpit: two tandem seats, flight controls including a liquid crystal display embedded into the glass, throttle/joystick combination, rear seat display, and bucket seats.


Who doesn’t like to fly in style! Designer Eric Strebel has come up with Albus Tell, which was designed for the contest named Terra Prix 2085 race around the world. The name, Albus Tell has a hidden meaning behind it and was chosen purposely. It comes from two words, Alps (white in Latin) and Tell from William Tell who was a legendary folk hero.

The airship measures 550m long and has been wedged with four hemispherical electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) thrust turbines. The design will come caked with a solar skin, which will make good use of organic polymer nano-tube technology. This will rev up the overall efficiency of the photovoltaic, which can be intertwined with the fibrous skin. It will give birth to an exterior that will be weather-proof, airtight and suitable for extreme temperatures up to – 40 degree Celsius. The Albus Tell is actually a revamped version of the original Swiss Military airship that served the purpose of carrying troops across the Alps. Tell team gave it an overhaul especially for the race and it will serve as the core support aircraft.


The awe-inspiring airship will be used as an aerial pit stop and home base by the team. This will store services like maintenance, telecommunications, eating/sleeping quarters and fuel in it. Crew and the garage/hanger are a part of the Gondola area. The main race truck, Gigernaut HAR1 is also stored here. Ace transport heavy lift vehicle is used to place the ship from the ground to the ship and vice versa.


A350H Airliner design is inspired by the shape of a dolphin, it has an aerodynamical form to achieve high speed with minimum effort. As a new type of airliner, A350H has been designed to be more friendly to the environment by using cryogenic hydrogen that is contained in high pressure tanks. Someday in the future, we might face space issues where airports are no longer possible to be expanded, due to high population and high demand of living areas. This is where the main feature of A350H airliner becomes very important, its ability to vertically takeoff doesn’t take a lot of space compared to conventional airliner.


After presenting the pioneering D “double bubble” concept to the world, now the NASA supersonic research program is offering what can be envisioned as the future of flight. Hailed as the “Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research (SUGAR) Volt concept,” this new twin-engine aircraft sports an elongated wings and electric battery gas turbine hybrid propulsion system. This propulsion system is specially designed to cut down fuel consumption by more than 70 percent and total energy use by 55 percent

The Boeing SUGAR Volt is designed to carry 154 passengers, cruise at Mach 0.79, achieve a range of 3,500 nautical miles and have shorter takeoff distance. It is expected to run on either fuel or electricity and its wing could have hinges so that they could be folded when on the ground. This green aircraft was among the many interesting designs discussed in the World Symposium of Electric Aircraft last Friday.

Another concept put forward in the NASA research program is Icon II, which uses a split tail design to achieve supersonic flight over land with reduced fuel burn and noise. Icon II, Boeing’s second design in the program, is designed to fly at Mach 1.6 to Mach 1.8, carry 120 passengers over a range of about 5,000 nautical miles. Both these designs are made to fit in the 2030-2035 time frame.

Do you frequently travel by air and always ask for a window seat? Well, if flying in the clouds is what you like then hold your breath as Airbus has plans to leave you in a state of awe. They are out with a futuristic concept, which will be a transparent plane. Yes! You read it right. It will have a see-through cabin to enjoy a picturesque view that will leave travelers enchanted. The concept was recently made public in London.

The concept cabin has been designed for the year 2050 and will be enveloped with an ingenious wall membrane. This will have power over air temperature, and when needed, will turn transparent. The walls will alter in behavior as per the available light conditions. Enjoying a good read under the rays of sun and clouds will be a reality soon.