A50 open catamaran is a design concept from Finland industrial designer, Janne Leppänen, as part of his graduation work. The main idea was to design a catamaran which is able to accommodate three to four people and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

This concept features 50-feet long open catamaran where the letter A in the name was inspired by this designer previous concept, Arkki. It utilizes Esthec composite deck as it fits perfect for this type of boat, the other materials and technology have been carefully implemented to meet environmentally conscious consumers’ demands. Unlike Arkki, this boat has been specifically designed for day cruising or longer trip, that’s why it features larger open space. The two cabins can be used to accommodate up to four passengers.

With A50 open catamaran, you have the ability to customize its properties such as deciding how the deck, sun bathing area or the cabins are constructed. In fact, you can even decide how the boat would look like, you’ll get the freedom to choose from many variations offered the composite deck company.

Designer: Janne Leppänen
Source: TUVIE.com