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Eco Coffee Bottle

Looking beyond the branding support the ‘From Tumbler’ is taking, I think this sensitive mug has a strong message that we can imbibe. Basically the idea is to encourage you to reconsider the use of disposable cups for your daily fix. In turn this sensor enabled mug blooms up an LED Green world map with every 365 reuses of it! Let’s drink to that!

Designers: Jang Jin-hee & Lee Min-jeong


Handles are so important. They enable our wiry, dexterous fingers to grasp all sorts of objects. “Your Magnet” is a u-magnet with little suction cup feet. Stick it on handleless cups, electronics, glass and just about anything that’ll stick. Personally I have a mirrored cabinet that’s near impossible to open after a steamy shower. Your Magnet looks like a good solve for that.

Designer: Lufdesign

I can’t make up my mind about the Light Bulb Radio, I think it borders between cheesy and sleek and am unwilling to write it off so soon. What I like most is its clever designing and the way the radio + nightlight combo has been given a new vibe. The light bulb influence and simple user interface makes it even more appealing. What do you think?

Designer: Na Yoon-mi

Emotive EPOC Wireless Neuroheadset

Imagine a device that can tag photos by reading your mind! Awesome; isn’t it? This Emotive EPOC brain-reading headset created by Emotive Systems does exactly that. It reads our brain and tag photos based on the intensity of the emotions we create in response to viewing a photo. Emotive EPOC neuro headset runs on an application called EmoLens. At the core of Emotive EPOC is 14-electrode EPOC headset. Cool Iris Wall web component, which is created by Cool Iris, is used in EmoLens to display Flickr photos in stunning way.

How it works?
EmoLens works on the basis of our moods. For example, if we are scared by looking at a picture, it adds “scared” tag. The EmoLens can detect four emotions- Happy, Sad, Angry and Scared. If you are looking at an image, which makes you happy, the Emotive EPOC headset adds the “Happy” tags and then pauses the image in Flickr for a while so that you can enjoy the feeling to the maximum. In this way, it controls the slideshow in Flickr. EmoLens can also be used to search a photo based on the emotions you have tagged on it. To do this, you just remember the feeling and EmoLens selects a set of previously tagged photos matching that feeling.

Pricing and availability:
This device is a bit costlier. The EmoLens app alone costs $40 and the Emotive EPOC neuroheadset costs $300. The Emotive EPOC was launched in the market in November 2010. Whoever likes to watch Flickr images with a true “feeling” will find the Emotive EPOC useful.

Pixel Perfect Hour Glass


Most of us here in the United States (that are not of the Jurassic age demographic) have but one point of reference when it comes to sand filled hour glasses. For over 40 years, one of the longest running television shows in history opens with a slow camera zoom on an hour glass ticking away your daily wasted hour of mind numbing melodrama. The voice over is one of the most famous lines ever written for mass media; “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” That’s it! Aside from the occasional egg-timer sighting or Flintstones episode, society has moved way beyond need for one of the most ancient of technologies, the sand filled hour glass. Designer Pavel Balykin believes this very retro timepiece is on schedule for a comeback. It’s fittingly called the “Sand+Time Watch” and has the distinct feature of a digital hour glass screen saver mode. It’s a “screen saver” mode, because this particular feature does not actually count time for you. If you want to know the real time, click a button and a more modern interpretation of time, we like to call “numbers”, will appear. Add a motion sensor, like the one used in Apple’s iPhone, and this screen saver mode might get that extra little cool factor to push it into production. What do you think?


The Rockpool Waterless Dishwasher uses no water or chemicals; instead it uses super critical carbon dioxide in a closed loop system. The carbon dioxide is pressurized into a liquid with excellent grease and oil fighting properties. The carbon dioxide then combines with a small amount of environmentally friendly detergent to get the dishes clean. Once the washing cycle is finished, the carbon dioxide and dirt are separated so that the carbon dioxide can be used again.

rockpool_dishwasher 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Why do consumers need the Rockpool Dishwasher?

The Rockpool dishwasher takes an existing technology and puts it to good use in one of the most used appliances in the home. The closed loop system means that the carbon dioxide gets used over and over again while the dishwasher never uses a drop of water.


  • Closed loop system means that the carbon dioxide gets used again and again
  • Very quiet
  • Simple user interface


Pure Washer is a rotating dual sink that acts as a sink and dishwasher. The two sinks are designed so that only one sink is exposed at a time. After the dishes have been put into it; the exposed sink rotates under the counter to expose another sink that is exactly the same as the first. Pure Washer washes the dishes under the counter with degassed water – no detergent required. There is also a cycle for washing fruits and vegetables.

pure-washer 14 Concept Appliances That Need To Be Made

Pure Washer is perfect for the single person who lives on their own. Freshly soiled dishes are easy to clean so each wash will only take a few minutes. Plus, it is a space saver since there is no need for a sink and dishwasher.


  • Dish cycle
  • Fruit and vegetable cycle
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Reduces energy used
  • No detergent required


Coox is a mobile cooking table that lets users cook and eat wherever they like. Not only does it cook the food, it can also be an extension of the dinner table or desk since the table legs are adjustable. The Coox uses induction technology so once you are done cooking, the surface cools immediately to prevent burns.

Everyone is on the go these days, looking for new and improved ways to save time. The Coox is perfect for someone who works through lunch or eats at their desk while trying to finish up last minute projects. They can prepare themselves a hot snack or keep their tea warm without having to go to the kitchen.


  • Adjustable height
  • Induction technology
  • 3-burner glass ceramic cooking surface
  • Cools down immediately after the cooking process has stopped
  • Warming area on one corner
  • Portable
  • Concept Appliance Parts Available

The FlatShare refrigerator is made up of a single base station and up to 4 stackable modules. Each module is a self-contained unit so no one will need to deal with other roommates’ rotting leftovers and failed science projects. The modules are designed with a tall section for bottles, a spot for produce, and a small freezer for frozen items.

Living with roommates can be fun and exciting until it comes time to clean the fridge. The FlatShare avoids potential conflicts by keeping each person’s food and mess separate.


  • Customizable color skins
  • Bottle openers
  • White board
  • A handle on the side of the module for easy transport

Always take it with you, because you never know …. there are just too many things which needs get ironed throughout the day.

It’s not every day that you see something as freakishly useful and crazy as the World’s Smallest Clothes Iron. The fully functional Iron presses your Clothes like its much larger counterpart yet utilizes half the storage space. This is insane! It should be in a museum or showroom or glass box somewhere but instead it’s here for you. It’s great for traveling and cooking. Those grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t gonna grill themselves and the old Iron is a little large for the job. In a small apartment or living space it seems crazy to have a large iron anymore so get rid of that big clunker and say hello to this mini.