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For the ultra-rich, available hobbies are as limitless as their bank accounts. Designer Timon Sager envisions the future elite class shedding their riding boots and leaving the exotic car garaged for something even more exhilarating: a purely recreational private jet. The AvA 02 Serafim has a fighter jet aesthetic with a more customized look. Shown here in red, it’s a natural choice for adrenaline junkies.

In the cockpit: two tandem seats, flight controls including a liquid crystal display embedded into the glass, throttle/joystick combination, rear seat display, and bucket seats.


DARPA’s looking for a way to give soldiers on the ground more direct access to air support, and the solution that they’ve come up with involves a nifty-looking set of holographic sunglasses.

Generally, when soldiers request air support, that request has to wind its way through patchy radio links, complicated computer systems, intelligence analysts, commanders, lawyers, air traffic controllers, and ultimately aircraft pilots before anything actually happens. DARPA wants to bypass all that with a set of augmented reality holographic goggles that would give troops a direct link to their support aircraft.

Funding has gone to consumer video goggle manufacturer Vuzix, along with traditional defense-tech heavyweights Northrop Grumman and Raytheon, to develop a system that would visually allow troops to “request and control near-instantaneous airborne fire support.” The concept calls for a set of hologoggles slaved to a head tracking sensor along with a data link that can provide real-time information on what resources are available:

“The head tracker knows where the user is looking, so the information the user is seeing changes as he moves or turns his head. Theoretically you could look up in the sky and a little green triangle would appear telling you, you have an F-16 30 miles out at 21,000 feet. It could also tell you what type of ordnance the plane was carrying, so you could make a quick decision if that plane would be appropriate for the mission.”

The goggles would also be able to provide all kinds of additional information from the aircraft, which DARPA hopes would help to minimize things like friendly-fire accidents. If Vuzix can get these things to work, they’d only be about 3mm thick, and entirely transparent when turned off, which sounds pretty slick to me. Tech like this may be great for the military, but it would be great for consumers as well, so let’s hope that’s a little extra incentive for Vuzix to make it happen and bring some hologoggles to market for the rest of us at the same time.
Source: DVICE.com

Soldier Robot

The Land Walker exoskeleton is a product of Japanese company sakakibara-kikai. Used mainly for product promotion and display, the intimidating weaponry fires nothing but harmless soft plastic balls. And with a top speed of just 1mph it’s not going to replace the wheel just yet.

However, standing over 3 metres in height, and weighing in at 1000kg (2,205 lbs) the Land Walker’s shuffling gait is an impressive sight to behold. Although it would probably run into problems with anything but a completely smooth surface.

U.S. Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command is planning to deploy an autonomous, free-flying, surveillance AirShip over the skies of Afghanistan by the year 2011.The Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV), as it’s called, will be 250 feet long, autonomous, and able to float at up to 20,000 feet for an impressive three weeks at a time. As for its surveillance capabilities, a 40-foot-long stretch behind the cockpit will house a selection of spy gear, including a motion sensor and radar.

While the LEMV has yet to be built — the contract itself won’t be awarded until October 1 — you can get a pretty good idea of the colossal scope of this airship via the below video of Lockheed Martin’s P-791, which provided the inspiration for the LEMV.

In response to DARPA’s broad agency announcement asking for a flying car – a vertical takeoff and landing-capable vehicle that can deal with off road conditions as well as take to the skies, AVX Aircraft has come up with a proposal while releasing some mockups of a duel rotor and ducted fan driven aircraft. This four seater flying car concept, as per AVX Aircraft, will be capable to carry 1,040-lb at 80mph over the ground and 140mph on land.

The flying car can cruise at 10,000ft altitude at max gross weight and travel 250 miles on one tank of fuel. The one-to four-person concept unfolds the rotor blades to covert from road rocket to aircraft in just one minute. Well, the concept seems promising, however; if it’ll suit or reliable and robust enough to meet the practical situations of battlefield remains to be seen

Named after the Celtic god of thunder, British defense firm BAE Systems officially revealed its high-tech unmanned stealth jet, Taranis. Equivalent in size to that of a Hawk jet, Taranis is equipped with stealth equipment and an ‘autonomous’ artificial intelligence system. With the ability to carry heavy payloads (bombs and missiles) and to penetrate deep into the enemy territory, the unmanned jet is a silent killer capable of precisely striking targets at long range, even in another continent

Taranis has onboard sensors to carry out intelligence and surveillance on enemy territory and can be remote controlled via satellite communications from anywhere in the world. With Cutting edge design, Taranis is stealthy, fast, and can defend itself against manned and unmanned enemy aircrafts. The aircraft is a prototype and an informal partnership of the UK MoD and industry British engineering firms including BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, QinetiQ and GE Aviation. Test flights for the Taranis plane are due to start in 2011.