SeaSTOL VLJ stands for Sea Short Take Off and Landing Very Light Jet. If you don’t get the idea of very light jet, you might understand if the term used were “personal jet”. Based on Paul Bertorelli from AvWeb the term of very light jet is not used in aviation industry anymore, the more popular term is personal jet. This future vehicle was born out of the intention to develop practical transportation design.

VLJs are small jet aircraft for about 5-8 people that are small enough to utilize small airports. In other words, in the future, it is very possible to take taxi flights from one point to another without compromise and saving a lot of your time. Eclipse is one of most well known VLJ companies, at some point they were looking at 5000 orders and increasing. There are about 20 new models coming between 2010 and 2014 that mainly focus on American market. However, not a single VLJ is a seaplane.


Designer: Tomas Brodreskift