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2+ Ultimate City Vehicle has been designed for future megacity. This electric vehicle boasts compact size, spacious interior, super flexible and of course stylish body design. The unique innovative inwheel-motors system allows the wheels to turn 90-degrees in order 2+ to move sideaways. Pretty handy feature to parallel park your car isn’t it?

Niels Grubak Iversen and Marcus Hannibal, two Danish automotive designers who live in Denmark, explain that although 2+ Ultimate City Vehicle looks small, the inside interior is pretty spacious. It’s been designed to carry 2 people with luggage or 4 without, thus the name 2+.

Designer: Niels Grubak Iversen, Marcus Hannibal



Alex Marzo has envisioned our future long-haul transportation with Volvo Ants, an aero neumatic transport systems. Through extensive research in biomimicry, this industrial designer has come up with transportation system inspired by ants. It implements ants behavior as a cohesive system as you know their ability to communicate with each other, distribute food, and all responsibilities in their community is intriguing. The overall concept starting from its models, systems, processes and elements take inspiration from ants in order to solve our problems.

Volvo Ants implement idea to lease micro-containers to multiple companies, in this way they can ensure that they are always filled to capacity. Their container union is flexible, therefore allowing better articulation in navigation and avoid jack knife accidents

Designer: Alex Marzo

1969 Camaro Mild Custom

Corvette Stingray

Epsilon dream car

Koenigsegg CCX

Porsche 356B

Tronatic Atmos


M2 Motorcycle

The M2 electric racing motorcycle by designer Pedro Marcondes is one slick looking street bike. I’m loving the athletic stance and round spokes, but what really sets it apart is its race-ready construction. 6 sub-divided cells make it easy to remove, repair, or replace integral components during those time-critical pit stops.
Designer: Pedro Marcondes

Subaru Hybrid

Finally, Subaru has made the official announcement of launching hybrid vehicles by 2013 as a step towards energy conservation and raising environment alconsciousness. Regular use of zero emission electric vehicles is a better option to save fast depleting fossil fuels that leave lesser carbon footprints in the environment. Buzz is that Subaru may not adopt the hybrid concept of Toyota and that their product may be laced with advanced features and a unique appearance. It is yet to be confirmed whether this hybrid car will run on US roads or not. But, with another automaker joining the band of producing “Green autos”, the vehicles bound to rule the road in the future.


Subaru had intended to launch a hybrid vehicle six years ago, but finally we may see an advanced version on the roads in the next couple of years. Although, the features and design of this hybrid vehicle are still under speculation, the company will more likely to follow the Hybrid Tourer Concept, which was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009. Some sources say that Subaru may incorporate features of Impreza and Legacy. Both these models follow the hybrid technology of Toyota.


In fact, there have been lots of speculations since past few months regarding the inclusion of Toyota’s hybrid technology in Subaru hybrid coupe. But sources say, there are fair chances that the new hybrid model will pick features of the Hybrid Tourer concept. This Hybrid Tourer Concept uses directly injected 2.0 liter turbo boxer engine and a CVT. The auto features two electric motors each located on the front and rear axle. Subaru may also incorporate lithium ion capacitor technology in this hybrid auto. Battery capacity is the most vital factor for any hybrid vehicle and Subaru is constantly working with a leading battery producer for high efficiency lithium-ion batteries.



There is a buzz that Subaru may launch four new models in 2013 including the much talked about hybrid model. As the speculation is on, auto lovers will be in high spirits to get three new Subaru models plus a hybrid vehicle. The world’s auto biggies are planning to grab the market share with their ambitious projects in the upcoming years. And, considering the soaring fuel prices and environmental factors, Subaru is putting all its efforts in boosting its sales with its Motion-V plan along with joining the band of producing “green auto”. Perhaps, Subaru will emphasize more on the dream run of its sole hybrid auto than the other three models. The five year Motion-V plan that will extend till the fiscal year 2016 will stress on better performance and appreciable fuel economy including better safety features.



Shavit electric superbike is a final graduation project of an industrial designer from Shenkar college of design and engineering in Israel. The objective of his project is to design the ultimate everyday sportbike. This electric superbike has been designed with unique adjustable riding position system. This superbike can be transformed from multipurpose bike to superbike during the ride smoothly, adaptable to any situation. As you can see the changes are also applied to the handlebars, footpegs, and seat height. This superbike can transform from multipurpose bike to superbike in minutes. The power is within its rider.

This industrial designer has done extremely well in exploring new possibilities when it comes to create a sharp and aggressive superbike icon that would captivate any superbike riders’ heart.


All-New Dodge Challanger

A real and unique head turner which will set you back a neat amount of $$$$!

It’s the rebirth and new interpretation of one of the most legendary muscle cars – the Plymouth Road Runner.
This stunning concept was created by independent designer Michael Leonhard and gained attention through several magazines like Hot Rod, Mopar Enthusiast … and numerous auto blogs. The concept has cues drawn from the Road Runners of ´71 and ´72, albeit interpreted in a modern key.

This is a unique opportunity to get this fabulous muscle car concept in working and driving condition. The car will be built as a one-off in cooperation with a world leading and renowned company specializing in coach building and concept car manufacturing.

The auction includes manufacturing of a running vehicle using a 2009 Dodge Challenger 6.1 L HEMI platform and drive train with an all new body. Finished off in show quality! The winner of this auction will get the chance to witness the birth of this exclusive and one-of-a-kind car!

Tesla Model S Center Console is a 17-inch large touchscreen for all controls.

Tesla Model S is a long rumored electric super car with the probable date of launch in early 2012. The model is a high-performance five-seat luxury sedan intended to compete with BMW-5 series. It is a much more practical version of an electric sedan as compared to its predecessors. The car’s center dash will have a huge 17-inch iPod like large touchscreen installed that’ll set the Tesla S apart. This will be the largest screen ever installed on any production automobile.


The screen will provide 3D graphics and is powered by NVIDIA Tegra processor. It sports a 3G connection all the time. The console replaces the entire array of buttons and other controls on the dashboard. NVIDIA Tegra 2, which was specially designed for mobile devices, is expected to provide energy efficiency to the Tesla. It has eight dedicated computing cores with the world’s first mobile 1080p HD video processor. A pair of processors will be used – one for the infotainment and navigation while the other for the instrument cluster.

The dashboard will have features like live traffic, climate-control system and other similar functions. You can visit Google maps, listen to music at Pandora or browse web. Notably, NVIDIA Tegra will also power BMW displays. Tesla’s senior vice president has called it a rare combination of beauty, performance and efficiency, and, the 12.3” display surely adds to this portfolio. It is rumored to have a charging time of just 45 minutes with price around $50,000. Tesla S will be displayed in CES 2011 outside the Las Vegas Convention Center in the Central Plaza.