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A50 Open Catamaran

A50 open catamaran is a design concept from Finland industrial designer, Janne Leppänen, as part of his graduation work. The main idea was to design a catamaran which is able to accommodate three to four people and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

This concept features 50-feet long open catamaran where the letter A in the name was inspired by this designer previous concept, Arkki. It utilizes Esthec composite deck as it fits perfect for this type of boat, the other materials and technology have been carefully implemented to meet environmentally conscious consumers’ demands. Unlike Arkki, this boat has been specifically designed for day cruising or longer trip, that’s why it features larger open space. The two cabins can be used to accommodate up to four passengers.

With A50 open catamaran, you have the ability to customize its properties such as deciding how the deck, sun bathing area or the cabins are constructed. In fact, you can even decide how the boat would look like, you’ll get the freedom to choose from many variations offered the composite deck company.

Designer: Janne Leppänen
Source: TUVIE.com


Arcadia 85 super yacht is offering charter holidays in the Mediterranean, during the summer of 2011. The super yacht named “Solar” is the second 26-meter yacht built with solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint and its effects on the environment without compromising on luxury features. The yacht having the power supply from the sun has the lowest fuel emission of any yacht in its class.

The Arcadia 85 built by yacht maker Edmiston & Company measures a total of 85ft in length, with a room to accommodate eight people. It boasts a deck of 60 square meters, which makes it a very voluminous yacht of this size. The spacious saloon in the top deck is the entertainment area and sitting place. It comes with four cabins that have all necessary audio visuals. The huge saloon has ceiling to floor windows that provides super insulation.

The solar panels placed on the rooftops produces clean form of energy to recharge the service batteries that powers all the services on the yacht including refrigeration, lighting and pumping. Apart from powering the functionalities, the solar panel makes a perfect holiday by removing the noise of generators and carbon emissions. The boat reaches a top speed of 18 knots propelled by a fuel that is organic in nature. The top speed reached in total silence comes from a Hybrid Propulsion system with an electric motorization. While running at an economical speed of 9 knots the diesel engines uses only 30 liters per hour, which is the lowest emission of any yacht in its class.

Apart from the ecofriendly engine, it also incorporates water discharge treatment to reduce the pollution. The yacht is equipped with a PWC, snorkeling gear, two towable tubes, and sea bobs that provide an adventurous water sports. It has an onboard treatment plant that treats all biological cleaning, organic waste and beauty products, hence reducing the ecological impact. The chef uses organic ingredients and toiletry products for the delicious cuisines. The superbly designed yacht maximizes the owner’s relaxation with minimum effects on the marine ecosystem. The perfect yacht for weekend cruising will be available in the west in July and August.