Tesla Model S Center Console is a 17-inch large touchscreen for all controls.

Tesla Model S is a long rumored electric super car with the probable date of launch in early 2012. The model is a high-performance five-seat luxury sedan intended to compete with BMW-5 series. It is a much more practical version of an electric sedan as compared to its predecessors. The car’s center dash will have a huge 17-inch iPod like large touchscreen installed that’ll set the Tesla S apart. This will be the largest screen ever installed on any production automobile.


The screen will provide 3D graphics and is powered by NVIDIA Tegra processor. It sports a 3G connection all the time. The console replaces the entire array of buttons and other controls on the dashboard. NVIDIA Tegra 2, which was specially designed for mobile devices, is expected to provide energy efficiency to the Tesla. It has eight dedicated computing cores with the world’s first mobile 1080p HD video processor. A pair of processors will be used – one for the infotainment and navigation while the other for the instrument cluster.

The dashboard will have features like live traffic, climate-control system and other similar functions. You can visit Google maps, listen to music at Pandora or browse web. Notably, NVIDIA Tegra will also power BMW displays. Tesla’s senior vice president has called it a rare combination of beauty, performance and efficiency, and, the 12.3” display surely adds to this portfolio. It is rumored to have a charging time of just 45 minutes with price around $50,000. Tesla S will be displayed in CES 2011 outside the Las Vegas Convention Center in the Central Plaza.