Who doesn’t like to fly in style! Designer Eric Strebel has come up with Albus Tell, which was designed for the contest named Terra Prix 2085 race around the world. The name, Albus Tell has a hidden meaning behind it and was chosen purposely. It comes from two words, Alps (white in Latin) and Tell from William Tell who was a legendary folk hero.

The airship measures 550m long and has been wedged with four hemispherical electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) thrust turbines. The design will come caked with a solar skin, which will make good use of organic polymer nano-tube technology. This will rev up the overall efficiency of the photovoltaic, which can be intertwined with the fibrous skin. It will give birth to an exterior that will be weather-proof, airtight and suitable for extreme temperatures up to – 40 degree Celsius. The Albus Tell is actually a revamped version of the original Swiss Military airship that served the purpose of carrying troops across the Alps. Tell team gave it an overhaul especially for the race and it will serve as the core support aircraft.


The awe-inspiring airship will be used as an aerial pit stop and home base by the team. This will store services like maintenance, telecommunications, eating/sleeping quarters and fuel in it. Crew and the garage/hanger are a part of the Gondola area. The main race truck, Gigernaut HAR1 is also stored here. Ace transport heavy lift vehicle is used to place the ship from the ground to the ship and vice versa.