If music provides you the ultimate relaxation you crave for, then Maestro by Turkish designer Atabey GÜNEÇ has been tailor made for your needs. Not only a music player, it encompasses within it the capacity to create, arrange and listen to your self composed rhythms. Surprised, well then, it’s a gadget of the future all right.

With Maestro, thanks to the inbuilt gyroscopic sensors, you can have a musical experience as never before. Move it to the left, right or place it in the center simply, and you shall have streaming music. This is not all, for the movement even allows you to select different genres from guitar, drum and piano music, all pre-loaded into the device.

If you’re in the mood for some self experimenting, then bring forth your singing talent and record your own music with the Karaoke facility. Listen to live music streaming, thanks to the audio input which allows you to attach Maestro to an audio gadget. Connect them wirelessly and see your world move in sync with everything around you.

For charging this simple, yet useful gadget, you can put it back in the charging dock. Listen to your music your way and feel the difference around you. Maestro is here to make your life easier and add a musical zing to it. Available in multiple colors, you can select from a wide range. Which color will you choose today? Designer: Atabey Gunec