With rise in pollution levels, designers are doing their bit by making their creations ‘go green.’ So here, designer Henri F. von Freyberg takes the opportunity to arrest your attention and make you jump with surprise as he comes up with an eye-appealing coupe named purEonic.

The breathtaking design will stand out of the crowd and woo everyone. The concept auto will come draped in an unusual style which will be coupled with daintiness for a deadly appeal. The main idea was to club good looks with eco friendly qualities. Normally, people think that green vehicles mean ugly looking things, but purEonic concept coupe shuns all such notions with its aesthetic facade. The designer has made good use of sustainable materials and has embraced the concept of ecological driving.

The car will talk speed when its wheels turn to roar like a devil. It will fetch all its power from electric engines, which will come embedded in it. The engine will provide juice to each wheel, disc brakes and even the suspension system. To get optimum power, in terms of power to weight ratio, it has been wedged with a lithium-titanate-battery. The battery is rechargeable and has been divided in two parts, which can be used in a better manner by both the rear and the front.

The coupe is 3700mm long, 1900mm wide and has a height of 1200mm. The chassis of this lightweight vehicle have been conceptualized using bionical optimizing. purEonic, with a 650kg frame, is quite sturdy. The eco friendly ride will help you befriend nature and make onlookers pass out in disbelief