To all paper book lovers, Bookmark Dictionary is going to be very handy. Some people think that in the end, e-book is going to kill the printed book. Apparently that opinion didn’t stop Raghunath Dhayalan, an industrial designer, to design this innovative gadget. Most readers don’t like the idea of stop reading when they come across a new word they don’t understand. Stopping in the middle might spoil their focus on the story for awhile. Usually they skip new words and continue to read or make a note on bookmark to search the meaning for those new words later on.

Bookmark Dictionary brings our traditional dictionary in the form of sleek electronic gadget. It has a sensor for capturing the image and highlights words on the book. The touch screen enables the reader to find the meaning of a word in just seconds. This gadget features inbuilt speaker to pronounce the word and a scientific calculator. The sleek body design makes this dictionary can be used as a bookmark.