People are finding alternate ways of powering their vehicles. One favorite option being, making them electric driven. With ever-increasing traffic on roads, two-wheel vehicles are becoming a favorite but they don’t exactly provide the comfort of a car. Clubbing the best of both four and two-wheel ride is, Icona E3WM (Electric 3 Wheel Mobile). It is a three-wheeled scooter that has been conceptualized by Italian-Chinese Studio Icona Design.

The scooter has been designed keeping in mind the pollution factor and traffic on the roads. What looks like a car, comes fitted with one wheel at the back and two in the front. Such an arrangement provides the much needed stability while riding the vehicle. Icona E3WM can cover a distance of 150kms when fully charged. Charging it takes just 4-5 hours and can be completed by using normal sockets wedged in the walls of our homes.

The three-wheeled scooter has been given a roof, which will ensure that rain or sunrays don’t get to touch you. Maximum two people can ride at a time on it and travel all through the city. The outer skin has an eye-catching appearance and overall round features rule the ride. E3WM will keep the environment green as instead of being a gas guzzling beast it is an electric angel. This means, all the extra money exhausted on fuel can be spent elsewhere. The whole experience comes clubbed with an exhilaration felt while riding a scooter, and total comfort is rolled out just like a car does. Now this is some information which will leave people impressed. The vehicle is robotically maneuvered by electronics. Easy to charge and comfortable to ride, Icona E3WM will ride into your heart in no time.