The encouragement and sponsorship of Dell into a semester-long studio project in the Fall 2010, at the Virginia Tech, is about to reach fruition this year. The Chris Corrigan and Groups’ brainchild is taking shape to set the students free from carrying a laptop, a cell phone or a camera separately for seeking optimum result out of the devices. All their needs in the desired service quality have been put together into a ‘simple looking, complex working’ small tablet device. But this is surely not another iPad of that kind

The Dell Splinter is a device that is designed as two detachable units, the smaller one of which can be taken apart from the other any time and can be configured into a device of a user’s special choice like a calculator, an MP3 player or a Skype phone and surely many more, while the bigger unit serves as a laptop with quick-boot functionality all the time. Even it is compatible with third-party software and hardware development which makes it more appealing to its users.