Mention a fire fighter vehicle and the picture of a big, red colored truck will form in your mind. Now, look at the above picture and guess what it possibly is? Before you drop your jaws in surprise, let me tell you it is the new kid on the block to fight against those fire(y) situations. Named the CrossBill, it is a futuristic design conceived by Pang Dayang.

Designed to be used, not anytime soon, after 20-30 years it resembles like a beautifully crafted motorbike. The 1200 cc, 4-stroke bike has been wedged with hydraulic brakes for a much better experience. Maneuvering a hefty truck on traffic choked roads can be quite a menace but not anymore. CrossBill will make its way in an efficient manner and reach the troubled destination in no time. The bike can carry only one person and weighs 215 kg.