One of the best ways to decrease the use of foreign oil is to pull of cars from the highway and have people use modes of mass-transit instead. Giving commuters a better alternative to driving down to work everyday in their gas-guzzling cars could sure help save the environment from all that burning fuel. Here’s an innovation, a marvel rather, on wheels that could help do the job. The United States might finally have its own high-speed rail service, connecting Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston if Amtrak’s plans go well. Costing around $117 billion, Amtrak has already requested some $2.5 billion from Congress for 2011. $8 billion from Obama and the rest from private investors might just have this rail system on track. To be completed by 2040, the new railway could take just 84 minutes for a trip to Boston from New York City, unlike the 2.5 hours it takes by the current trains and the 4 hours by road.

This sure is an environmentally sustainable travel option as compared to driving down frequently and burning fuel. It’s cheaper too and should attract a load of commuters who decide to leave their cars home