First look at the Jetbike design by Dario Cavaliere and it looks more like a bronco bull charging towards you. This niche concept unearths from the current automotive scenario where designing compact efficient locomotives is paramount. Dario’s Jetbike is powered by a jet engine that is evident from the amount of power required to keep the vehicle off the ground and thrust it forward. For cooling the jet engine at peak performance during the ride, front grille is equipped with air intake system To provide stability and keep the Jetbike from coming crashing down on the ground anti-gravity system (located below the engine) provides the input for keeping it afloat.

To provide utmost stability four mufflers are integrated in the body and the side wings. Most interesting bit is the shifting of weight to the left or right in order to turn the vehicle, while the acceleration and braking is actuated via the handlebar controls. Other than that the Jetbike concept has regular front panel display for showing the speed and GPS information for detail of the traversing routes