The airships of the future will soar up using seaweeds. Well, this exactly what Vincent Callebaut, a Belgian architect has conceptualized. His unique transport system involves airships powered by seaweed. These new air mobility means will be 100% self-sufficient as far as energy is concerned and will release zero carbon emission. Headed under the project called Hydrogenase, its exhibits a revolutionary architecture that is fundamentally critic towards the ways of living of our contemporary society.

Deriving inspiration from the beauty and the shapes of nature, the Hydrogenase is a 400 meters high jumbo jet vessel that is capable of flying at an average height of 2 000 meters. This inhabited vertical airship that can carry up to 200 tons of freight at 175 km/h will reside in the heart of a floating farm of seaweeds that reload it directly with bio-hydrogen. It is anticipated that the biofuel producing seaweed farms, behaving as a hub for these airships will be functional by 2030.