The solar powered Airship One concept is actually a hybrid between an airplane and a semi-rigid airship, developed with an objective to overcome the unbelievable fuel expense of conventional airlines. The aircraft is just a bit heavier than the air, therefore, it requires reasonably less effort to become airborne and stylishly cruise at 120 mph. Moreover, it features vectored ducted fans that facilitate the ship to hover or cruise. The craft’s semi-rigid structure includes carbon fiber paneling, aluminum-grade airframe and strong PVP fabric. With a large cargo bay that can house two full-trailer containers and a passenger compartment which can easily accommodate 25 passengers, the Airship One offers a quiet, eco-friendly and efficient future to air transport.

“A hybrid airship is actually a hybrid between an airship and an airplane, deriving roughly two thirds of its lift from buoyancy of lighter than air gas, and the remaining third from aerodynamic lift generated by wings. The outcome is a craft which when loaded is only slightly heavier than the air around it, and therefore requires very little effort to become airborne and even less effort to cruise comfortably at around 120mph.

The Airship One has a semi-rigid construction, Aluminum and fiber composite frame supporting PU fabric ballonets filled with lighter than air, non flammable Helium gas. Propulsion is provided by four DC electric motors, which during cruise receive their energy from solar panels mounted on the hull and wings, and during takeoff also from a bio-diesel generator. The ship can take off and land vertically, with no need for a runway of any kind.

With its 30-ton cargo capacity and a double-deck passenger compartment which can accommodate some 25 passengers with levels of comfort that by far exceed those of the most luxurious airliner.

While currently only a concept, I strongly believe that in the not too distant future machines like the Airship One will offer a quiet, efficient and eco-friendly alternative to air transport.”