With the paradigm shifting towards electric cars, it becomes important to build an expansive yet practical system that caters and even enhances the efficiency of these low-emission conceptions. One of the most annoying aspects of electric cars is the lack of convenience of charging them and this is where the Remora concept car comes into the picture. Contrived by Australian industrial designer Daniel Fitzgerald, this concept car will be equipped with a detachable battery section that can be charged separately, even inside the house. It forms an integral component of the whole car.

Most of the electric vehicles can be simply powered by plugging it to a garage outlet, and leaving it to be charged for an overnight period or even less. But the problem lies with the spatial management, as the whole volume of the vehicle needs to be accommodated inside a garage for it to be charged. This can create an adverse situation, especially in the congested urban context. ” Unfortunately not everyone has a garage or the time to wait for a car to fully charge”, says Fitzgerald. The detachable battery of this car certainly accentuates the level of accessibility and makes charging the vehicle an easy task. And we dare say it adds another facet of avant-garde demeanor to the unique conception.